C.A.P.E ( Compassion for Animals, People and The Earth )

These are just a few of our victory dogs we have hundreds we have rescued and cats to. Brighton was running the highway when I found him, he had a pellet in his forehead and was scared to death. I tried to flag some cars down but no one would help so I kept trying. Finally a woman pulled over and I asked her for her scarf I put it around Brighton's neck and picked him up and put him in my van. I called my sister Barbie and Michelle they came to help me find the dogs home. We were unable to find his owners so we looked for a forever home for Brighton. We are happy to announce that Brighton got a great home and is living in the country with two loving adoptees, his name is now Buddy.

Our Vehicle

Victory for Animals Society currently owns one minivan transportation vehicle, we are looking for volunteer transport bus as we intend to keep growing, if you are interested in sponsoring a vehicle please contact us.  We are also hoping to expand so that we may purchase a facility and land in order to take in more animals we do all of this work on sponsorship and fundraising.

We rescued 3 dogs from London a month ago and supplied medical treatment to them we also found them loving homes. We found a dog in Trenton that needed assistance he is blind and would sit day in and day out on a bed in a hotel room. We took over his medical bills and now are working on having his painful eyes removed so he can live a comfortable life.  

Angelo came from a very abusive life he was beaten and left in a cage for hours on end Peter and Barbie gave him a caring, loving forever home Angelo still visits and lives a fabulous life
My grand daughter Ajla Mae and a feral cat we saved from under the trailer we took home all 3 of them had them spayed and then tried to find them homes, we did find them a great home , with us !

Gaul : Lives in South Korea where the meat trade is very high. This little angel could have been on someones plate, but EFL rescued her. VFA Society paid all flight costs, adoption fees and vaccines to have her flown her to safety in Canada. He was adopted out but a lovely family who runs Pet me Please in Frankford, thank you Max and Silke, Gaul is now named Oliver. 

Bom Bom flew in with  Gaul they are both flew in together and VFA Society covered all costs of flight, vaccines, adoption and neuter. Kim Ann has offered to adopt Bom Bom and give her a new start in Canada with a loving home. Bom Bom is now named Luna Thank you to all involved.
Woori : She is a little Angel of a dog we adopted her out of Seoul South Korea and now she is safe in Canada with her new owners, Lisa Gilmour and Colin Cackatte thank you for giving Woori a new home to be loved in. Woori had numberous broken bones and needed extensive surgery before we could fly her her with us. VFA Society paid all flight costs, adoption fees, and vaccines and Woori was spayed by her new owners Colin and Lisa. 

Runty: She came from Seoul South Korea and had truly made our home a wonderful place filled with laughter and love. She came in on July 25th, 2015 and was suppose to be adopted out but when we saw that little face and those big ears we could not think about letting her go so we have adopted her and she is now safe in Canada, thank you to EFL and Adam Carr for helping out with this rescue. Runty had extensive surgery on her hip as her legs fell through the bottom of the cage and the other dogs bullied her and broke her hip. VFA Society paid all flight costs, spay costs, vaccine and adoption costs. 

Bomi: Flew in from Seoul South Korea in August 2015 she is a beautiful dog filled with love and so playful, thank you to Barbie Craig and Peter Leonhardt for adopting her she is loved and has new siblings Timber, Chance and Dax. Bomi was found at the meat market she would have been boiled alive she was pregnant at the time but that would not have matter at all. In Korea the dogs are boiled alive they are torched alive and beaten until their blood vessels pop. The cruelty to animals in Asia is beyond anything you could imagine. 
Eddy: From Seoul South Korea came in Aug 2015 he is a little bugger his new own says but he loves him very much. Eddy also loves being in Canada and out of Korea thank you Auld family.
Sweet little Daisey is now in a great home with a great family and loves being in Canada thank you to everyone involved.
Duri: Came from Seoul South Korea she is now in a wonderful loving home with Antonia she has gotten much bigger and is a true angel thank you to EFL and Antonia
Ooyou: From Seoul South Korea loves her new family in Ottawa the Kloosterman's have been a wonderful gift to Ooyou now called Cooper. Thank you to all involved in making this rescue possible, EFL - Empathy for Life

Casper is the little blind dog we found in Trenton Ontario. His owner could no longer care for Casper and he would be in a hotel room day and night alone without being able to see. He needs his eyes removed and surgery is extremely costly. VFA Society is working along with a Toronto vet the costs are $4000.00 but they will do surgery for $800.00 VFA will cover all costs but we need help, please we cannot keep our doors open just putting out money we need some coming in so that we can continue our work rescuing animals. Please if you can help even with 1 dollar click our donate button thank you. 

Getting ready to be loaded on the plane from Korea 8 dogs in one cargo coming in this is a very exciting time for all of us here at Victory for Animals Society. These dogs would have faced death if we had not rescued them and paid all costs to fly them into Canada . Many dogs have their ear drums burst so they cannot bark, they are boiled alive and torched alive in Korea we are so happy we can help rescue them out of such a cruel environment. 
Victory For Animals