C.A.P.E ( Compassion for Animals, People and The Earth )

We ask for a donation when you adopt a dog or cat from VFAS.  If we do the spay and neuters before hand we ask that you cover the costs and they are low. Male cats are $65.00 plus tax and Female cats are $110.00 plus taxes this includes vaccines.  Our low adoption costs are there because, we feel that the animals in the local shelters have such high adoption fees that they may stay there much longer and have a higher chance of euthanasia if not adopted. You will have to fill out an adoption application and be stamped as a good adopter before you will be able to adopt an animal from Victory for Animals Society.

If for any reason you cannot keep your adopted dog or cat you must return the adopted animal directly back to VFA Society and not give a way, or sell them, so that we may get them a new forever home.

We ask that you provide a caring, compassionate home for your new fur babies. A home where they will be loved and taken good care of and made to feel as though they are part of your family as all animals should feel. Your new dog must be walked at least twice a day, they must have clean water and fresh food daily. The dogs will not be permitted to be left alone in a back yard or tied up for more then 1 hour. VFA can remove your adopted dog at anytime if you do not comply with our application, we do have the authority to remove the dog or cat at anytime if we feel the new adopter is not following the rules of our  application and or the dog or cat is in danger. When you visit our adoption center you will be asked to fill out the application form and provide government approved ID. Thank you for loving them !


Victory For Animals