C.A.P.E ( Compassion for Animals, People and The Earth )

VFA  is a Canadian Registered Charity dedicated to the protection of the animals that inhabit the planet. We work with other organizations and try  to raise awareness about animal cruelty issues. We work through public education, special events, and direct action. We are a registered charity always looking for donation, sponsors and or volunteers. All proceeds go to fund the rescue, shelter and adoption centre in Brighton, Ontario including spay/neuter, vaccinations, medical care, food, litter, supplies for animals, office and cleaning, transporation, rent and maintenance.

Victory for Animals Society
8 Loyalist Drive #10
Brighton, On K0K 1H0
We will try help home as many unwanted animals as possible. We will also work with other campaigns to try to foster their animals, at VFA no animal will be left on the street if we can help them.

We are pleased to share the exciting news that Victory for Animals Society has been granted charitable status. This is an important step forward in our vision to provide compassionate, loving assistance it all creatures and people on the Earth. We trust that our ability to now provide charitable receipts for Income Tax purposes will make it easier for you and your organization to generously supports Victory for Animals Society going forward. It is only through the assistance of you and others like you that we can realize our goals and visions. Rescue and adoption of domestic canines, felines, and wild life to prevent animal death, cruelty, or abandonment.

To provide a sanctuary for palliative care and attention to special needs animals (trauma, visual, ambulatory, restrictions and stress). Provide accessibility to low-cost and spay/neuter services through a partnership with veterinary and animal heath professionals to reduce unwanted domestic pet offspring, avoid financial constraints on low-income pet owners, and avoid unnecessary euthanasia of animals. Promote animal involvement with seniors and shut-ins to relieve loneliness and install a sense of compassion, belonging and worth through connection with animals. To develop strong animal welfare values in children and children with special needs through animal care and compassion programs. To provide a means for youth to share in community service, through animal volunteer activities.

We have launched a new campaign C.A.P.E (Compassion for Animals, People and the Earth) that embodies all our initiatives to continue the rescue of animals, meet the needs of disabled individuals and seniors, and promote environmental awareness. Ultimately, we wish to open a C.A.P.E Center where these important programs can come together under one roof.

Please feel free to contact me with any question you may have, to learn more about our organization, or if you wish to proceed with a much-needed donation.

Victory For Animals