C.A.P.E ( Compassion for Animals, People and The Earth )

Victory for Animals Society 

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This is our new location

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Or send a cheque of money order to the address provided above thank you for your kindness. 

Victory for Animals Society was asked to be a key speaker at the event at The Toronto Botanical Gardens. We were joined with Andrew Plumby of Humane Society International. Camille Labchuk of Animals Justice and Marc Ching of Animal Hope and Wellness. This was an amazing event. 
Victory for Animals Society was asked to be a key speaker at the event at The Toronto Botanical Gardens. We were joined with Andrew Plumby of Humane Society International. Camille Labchuk of Animals Justice and Marc Ching of Animal Hope and Wellness. This was an amazing event. 

Victory for Animals Society is a registered charity

We are pleased to share the exciting news that Victory for Animals Society has been granted charitable status. This is an important step forward in our vision to provide compassionate, loving assistance for all creatures and people on the Earth. We trust that our ability to now provide charitable receipts for Income Tax purposes will make it easier for you and your organization to generously support Victory for Animals Society going forward. It is only through the assistance of you and others like you that we can realize our goals and visions for the rescue and adoption of domestic canines, felines, and wildlife to prevent animal death, cruelty, or abandonment.

Our intentions are to:

  • provide a sanctuary for palliative care and to special needs animals (trauma, visual, ambulatory, restrictions and stress);

  • provide accessibility to low cost and spay/neuter services through a partnership with veterinary and animal health professionals to reduce unwanted domestic pet offspring, avoid financial constraints on low income pet owners, and avoid unnecessary euthanasia of animals;

  • promote animal involvement with seniors and shut-ins to relieve loneliness and instill a sense of compassion, belonging and worth through connection with animals;

  • develop strong animal welfare values in children and children with special needs through animal care and compassion programmes;

  • provide a means for youth to share in community service through animal volunteer activities.

We have launched a new campaign C.A.P.E. (Compassion for Animals, People and the Earth) that embodies all our initiatives to continue the rescue of animals, meet the needs of disabled individuals and seniors, and promote environmental awareness. Ultimately, we wish to open a C.A.P.E. Center where these important programs can come together under one roof.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, to learn more about our organization, or if you wish to proceed with a much needed donation.


Mission Statement- Our Hope Towards Future

We would like  to develop a compassion center called C.A.P.E (Compassion for Animals , People and the Earth) where foster children, children with disabilities and the elderly can help each other heal with the help of animals.

Promote environmental awareness and sustainability through green initiative programs such as Compassion Greens, Green House. Children planting and growing food for the less fortunate

Work with Community Living to provide services and support to adults who have been diagnosed with both a developmental disability and defended against discrimination.

Provide education to school children and the public about how to prevent animal cruelty.

Rescue domestic canines, felines and other animals and re-home them.

Provide community hours for young adults in high school and Cadets.

We have  children and children with disabilities from local groups come in to walk the dogs and pet the cats. They work on posters and come to our events. They are involved in making scarves for the dogs and they enjoy the time they get to spend here at our facility. We receive many emails and letters of accolade over the success of these programs.

We also have volunteers bring in their children to assist in the facility and they love working with the animals. Many of them want to focus on a career in Animal Care once they have come here to volunteer.

We hand out flyers and post educational materials in our facility in order for people to read and learn more about compassion towards all creatures.

We provide a safe home for many animals with special needs and children with special needs feel most comfortable with them. Casper is our dog without eyes and our cat named Wheels is paralyzed in a wheel chair. The children with these types of disabilities feel very happy to see they are not the only ones with these types of disabilities. They understand that animals also suffer the same diseases and disabilities as they do and this makes them feel not so alone. We provide special care for these type of animals at our cost.

We work with a local veterinarian and use our rescue discount to help with spay / neuter and vaccines for our foster homes and adopters.


Home visitation to provide no-charge pet care for elderly or disabled individuals who cannot easily travel.

Cadets and high schools kids need community hours, so we allow them to come here and volunteer to achieve them. We also help show them what it would be like working in an animal shelter. this can be formative when they are making career choices. This also builds employment skills in the youth. We train them on how to travel to vets drop off and pick up animals for operations. How to wrap and bandage injured animals how to keep good husbandry, answer phones, take messages, and file paperwork.  

Mayor Wallace gave Victory for Animals Society the Rotary apple today at our presentation. We were so pleased to meet him and we thank The Brighton Rotary Club for their support. 

Wonderful help today as the kids from Sunny Days Day Program came over to donate scarves they made for the dogs and walk them thank you to all who helped out. 

Victory for Animals Society and children 

We rescued Casper aka Stevie Wonder as he is blind from a hotel room where his was alone 90% of the time and crying on the bed. We have to have an operation done to remove his eyes as he is in much pain from pressure from glaucoma and other serious issues, If anyone can help please donate there is a button on top of page

Update : Casper is out of surgery and starting to come around. His both eyes are now gone and his suffering from pain from them is now over. He did get teeth taken out but the vet decided to only remove 8 and leave the rest in for him, he cleaned them up and hopes that in time they will get stronger. Casper's lump was removed from his head and he does have another one on his leg but he will go back for that one as he has gone through enough they said. I want to thank everyone... who has helped make this possible many of you do not want me to mention your name and I won't, but you know who you are and I am sending love and so much respect to you all. For those who are helping with costs we appreciate all you do as VFA Society will be covering it as well and any help we get is always greatly appreciated. No one at VFA Society gets paid we do this as a labor of love ! and I would not have it any other way. All proceeds go directly into the rescue - spay/neuter-vaccines-medical care so thank you all. To my sister Barbie and Peter thank you for fostering/adopting Casper, to Jeanette thank you for foster time as well, to Sasa thank you for helping VFA Society without you there would be no VFA Society and I love you for that and so do the animals God bless you all who care for animals.
Fiona one of our Canadian rescues on Jeanettes lap our foster mom at VFA Society. Fiona is in heaven at Jeanettes house, bathed, nails clipped, fed , walked and now napping thankyou Jeanette VFA loves you and so do the dogs. Fiona is suffering with arthritis but will be taken care of with medications. Betty Vanhaden fostered Fiona until VFA was able to find a good home for her, Betty is a wonderful woman in London Ontario who helps rescue so many dogs and cats from the streets here in Ontario.
Victory For Animals