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Victory for Animals Society
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Toronto : MPP Cheri Dinovo and City TV , myself and my sister Barbie. 

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and I at a Rescue Me event 

On Parliament Hill with Nathaniel Erskine-Smiths assistant Andy. 

Prime Minister Trudeau in Belleville we had the opportunity to ask a question about animal rights. The first question you hear is my sister asking Mr. Trudeau how he feels about Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith choosing a caucus of other like minded MP's to work on Animal Welfare issues. 

Below is Dr. Wiiiam Fowlds a wildlife vet in Africa. He is thanking Victory for Animals Society for caring about the poaching and sharing vital information to others. 

A bit about me: I was born in Montreal and I grew up in the foster care system I know what  it is like to be abused and abandoned just like animals do. I always found love in animals and I promised myself I would always save animals when I got older. Opening up our adoption centre has been a dream and I pray that one day we can have a compassion centre to help not only animals but children. Children in the foster care, troubled teens and kids with disabilities. I find animals to be very therapeutic for depression, loneliness and abuse.
Victory for Animals Society is a non-profit organization, comprised of a compassionate caring team, dedicated to assist, protect, and defend domestic animals. We exist to promote the humane treatment of animals and prevent cruelty to animals. Through continuous education, we hope to end pet overpopulation by offering a low cost spay and neuter program. We also help provide forever homes for unwanted and abused animals. Victory for Animals Society works alongside of other non-profit organizations to help rescue and save lives,. Victory for Animals Society will provide rescue and adoption, vaccines and homing for  animals in need.  Our community Outreach Program is designed to educate the public regarding the basic needs of animals for food, water, shade, shelter and exercise. Our school Outreach Program is designed to educate children on responsible pet ownership, and perhaps careers in animals care. We will partner up a good working relationship with the law enforcement to assure compliance with provisions of The Animal Protection Act. We will proceed with many petitions in order to change existing outdated laws for Animal Rights. Fundraising is a huge part of a non-profit organization and it will include but not be limited to; donations, sponsorship, corporate sponsorship, t-shirts sales and special fund raising events in which we will keep you updated on. We ask you for your support at this time in order for us to continue our work. We will be offering bath, brush, blow-dry, and nail clipping for a low donation of $20.00  all proceeds will go directly back into keeping our doors open, medical care for animals, spay / neuter and vaccines no one receives a pay check at VFA we volunteer out of love for the animals.  Please feel free to give us a call and make an appointment to have your pet bathed, brushed, blow-dried and nail clipped. Contact us at 613-475-3043, we are located at 8 Loyalist Drive, unit 10, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0. Thank you for your support  Victory for Animals Society  Founder Shelley Craig

We are always looking for donations  and volunteers.

We are registered with the Canadian government and can provide our NFP number when requested. 

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Victory for Animals Society
8 Loyalist Drive, #10
Brighton, Ontario K0K 1H0 
613-475-3043 (Brighton)
647-542-6664 (Toronto)

Mission Statement

The establishment and operation of an animal rescue society for the purpose of:

a) Rescuing domestic canines, felines, and other animals to prevent animal cruelty

b) Adopting or facilitating adoption of rescued animals into other suitable homes and provide follow-up and information support as needed.

c) Arranging medical treatment and rehabilitation for rescued and adopted animals in need.

d) Educating school children about, and furthering the public’s understanding of, the basic needs, responsible pet ownership, and animal cruelty prevention.

e) Open up a compassion centre to house unwanted and un-adoptable animals so they can always be taken care of. Have troubled youth and children with disabilities come volunteer and help with the animals. Learn how to take good care of them and raise awareness about how we -can all help end animal cruelty.

Wonderful help today as the kids from Sunny Days Day Program came over to donate scarves they made for the dogs and walk them thank you to all who helped out. This is why we are working so hard we want to open a compassion centre in hopes to connect children with disabilities with animals. 

Victory for Animals Society doing a peaceful protest to end dog and cat meat 

Victory for Animals Society and many others at a protest to save the elephants. 

Thank you to Empties for Paws and the Brighton community for helping to donate to VFA we appreciate all you do for the animals 

Yes we have been chosen to be on the Lush Cosmetics page for our work. Thank you Lush Cosmetics ! We have worked very hard to rescue animals all over the world and will continue to work hard. We need your help please use our donate button to help us continue our work thank you .

Tim Harrison - Writer of the book "An Elephant in your Living room" also created documentaries. He is thanking Victory for Animals Society for all our hard work in rescuing internationally as well as in Canada. 

We rescued Casper aka Stevie Wonder as he is blind from a hotel room where his was alone 90% of the time and crying on the bed. We have to have an operation done to remove his eyes as he is in much pain from pressure from glaucoma and other serious issues, If anyone can help please donate there is a button on top of page

Update : Casper is out of surgery and starting to come around. His both eyes are now gone and his suffering from pain from them is now over. He did get teeth taken out but the vet decided to only remove 8 and leave the rest in for him, he cleaned them up and hopes that in time they will get stronger. Casper's lump was removed from his head and he does have another one on his leg but he will go back for that one as he has gone through enough they said. I want to thank everyone... who has helped make this possible many of you do not want me to mention your name and I won't, but you know who you are and I am sending love and so much respect to you all. For those who are helping with costs we appreciate all you do as VFA Society will be covering it as well and any help we get is always greatly appreciated. No one at VFA Society gets paid we do this as a labor of love ! and I would not have it any other way. All proceeds go directly into the rescue - spay/neuter-vaccines-medical care so thank you all. To my sister Barbie and Peter thank you for fostering/adopting Casper, to Jeanette thank you for foster time as well, to Sasa thank you for helping VFA Society without you there would be no VFA Society and I love you for that and so do the animals God bless you all who care for animals. Thank you Donna, Julie, Norma, Jeanette, Barbie, Peter, Sasa, Kim, Patty, Eric and everyone else who has helped in anyway possible we have been donated by secondchanceforblinddogs they donated a halo thank you so much.
Our gang of Canadian rescues new homes. We are so pleased to have found wonderful homes for all of these dogs, we have been saving dogs in Canada for over 20 years now, we have just started our international rescues since August 2015 but we are pleased to announce that we have rescued over 16 dogs from Korea in the last few months and 5 dogs in December of 2015.
Two Canadian rescues now in a good home with Colin Cackette and Lisa Gilmour. They also adopted Woori from Korea, Colin and Lisa work with the Search and Rescue in Ontario. Maximus and Tropper are now happy in their new home.
Fiona one of our Canadian rescues on Jeanettes lap our foster mom at VFA Society. Fiona is in heaven at Jeanettes house, bathed, nails clipped, fed , walked and now napping thankyou Jeanette VFA loves you and so do the dogs. Fiona is suffering with arthritis but will be taken care of with medications. Betty Vanhaden fostered Fiona until VFA was able to find a good home for her, Betty is a wonderful woman in London Ontario who helps rescue so many dogs and cats from the streets here in Ontario.
Victory For Animals